Certification Benefits!

Lionheart Coach Certification provides all the necessary tools you need in order to start coaching Lionheart Fitness Kids classes. Our online and onsite training and certification programs will allow you and your facility to gain the knowledge needed to help children grow up to be self-confident and empowered. Our award-winning curriculum has been developed by experts in the field of nutrition, child development, and physical education. Our philosophy of “learn through playing” is at the heart of all LHFK sports programs. This mission allows us to formulate the tools that motivate, move, and inspire kids to achieve individual success.

Because children come from varied backgrounds and fitness levels, we therefore instill in our LHFK Coaches comprehensive teaching methods that ensure they can work with children aged two through twelve while recognizing their individual capabilities, competencies, and strengths. The LHFK Coach Certification program serves as a prerequisite for any individual or facility that would like to offer Lionheart Fitness Kids Programs to their local park, school, company, or health club facility.

The Lionheart Certification guarantees your clients that you or your organization provide excellence in child development through the core components of physical education.
LFK Certification Benefits
⇒ Your own  personal webpage to promote your business
⇒ FREE LFK Equipment Starter Package* $85 Value *With the purchase of an LFK sport pack
⇒ FREE National Background check - $33 dollar value!
⇒ Huge discounts on sports equipment
⇒ Access to Lionheart Partnerships
⇒ Access to online training videos / manuals
⇒ “Coaching Business in a Box” Use our proven techniques
⇒ Listing on Lionheart Nation public database
⇒ Access our complete client management system to help you run your business
⇒ Be your own boss and make a great income helping kids!
Certification vs Franchising
Franchise Fee: $29,500
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 7%    
Net Worth: $35,000
Liquid Cash Available: $20,000

Total Investment: $31,742 - $38,500

Certification Fee: $549
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 0%
Net Worth: No requirements
Liquid Cash Available: No Requirements

Total Investment: $549
Profit Model Classes
1 class = 1hr / week
Park Registration Fee: $90 / child for a 5 week Session
10 child average
$900 Per 5wk Session
Monthly Revenue = $720    
Annual revenue = $8,640
2 classes (2 Hrs) per week = $1440   Annually = $17,280
3 classes (3 Hrs) per week = $2160   Annually = $25,920
5 classes (5 Hrs) per week = $3600    Annually =$43,200
Profit Model Birthdays
⇒ LFK Party Fee $300 for 2hrs
⇒ 1 Party (2hrs) = $300 Annual revenue = $3,600
⇒ 2 Parties per month = $600  Annually = $7,200
⇒ 3 Parties per month= $900  Annually = $10,800
⇒ 4 Parties per month = $1,200   Annually = $14,400
Profit Model Summer Camps

⇒ Average LFK Camp Fee $35/per Day – LFK Camps 9am -2pm daily
⇒ 30 child average
⇒ 30 kids x $35 = $1,050  per day
⇒ 1 Wk Camp = $5,250
⇒ 2 Wk Camp = $10,500
⇒ 3 Wk Camp = $15, 750
⇒ 4 Wk Camp = $ 21,000
⇒ * Lionheart runs 2 month long camps in the summer
⇒ * Holiday camps are another great opportunity

*Additional camp certification required to run camps

Lionheart Nation

All LFK Certified Coaches must be registered members of the “Lionheart Nation” online community – Membership $39/mo.

Membership benefits include:
⇒ Personal web page with your own custom URL
⇒ Accept online payments through your page
⇒ Registration software to manage your classes & clients
⇒ Listing in our searchable coach database
⇒ Class management software
⇒ Business building resources and templates
⇒ Community support from fellow LFK members

LFK Coach Requirements

⇒ Must be over 21 years old
⇒ Must pass a FBI background check – Cost Included in certification fee.
⇒ Must carry personal general liability insurance – LFK offers an amazing policy!

Complete LFK Start-Up Costs
To Start The Process:
Certification Fee - $549!

Once Certified:
⇒ Monthly Membership once Certified - $39/Mo. First Month Free!
⇒ LFK Insurance For the entire year! - $259
⇒ First Equipment Package - $102.35*

*Average per pack. Coaches are only required to purchase one equipment package at a time. All Coaches must use appropriate LFK Equipment for each sport – See Equipment Cost Click Here