“Some of the best lessons I have learned were through great coaches. They were Life lessons – not just game strategies or tactics. Lionheart Fitness Kids provides these very same valuable moments and memories, and from some of the most Inspiring coaches I have ever met.”
Scottie Pippen – NBA Hall of Fame Athlete


Help preschoolers learn sports!! Set your own schedule and run your own business! Start an exciting career today as a Lionheart Fitness Kids Certified Coach!

LIONHEART FITNESS KIDS is the most respected name in the kid's fitness industry. As a national company Lionheart provides sports enrichment classes for the largest companies in the world; NASA, Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures to name just a few. We are only looking for honorable, joyful people who have a passion for helping kids. Join our team and start a rewarding career you can be proud of! Make a great income and be a child's hero!!!

LFK Coach Certification provides all the necessary tools needed in order to start coaching Lionheart Fitness Kids classes. Our online and onsite training and certification programs will allow individuals or facilities to gain the knowledge needed to help children grow up to be self-confident and empowered.

Our award-winning curriculum has been developed by experts in the field of nutrition, child development, and physical education. Our Certification offers an exciting new business opportunity for athletes, teachers, college students, fitness trainers or anyone who loves helping kids. Our intensive training, standards and guideline ensure LFK Certified Instructors are the best in the business.